Choosing the type of car in Suzuki Bandung


In the world of automotive, Suzuki Bandung has always presented various types of cars with modern features and advantages that are guaranteed not to make automotive consumers feel out of date. In addition to always displaying a very luxurious but simple automotive design, Suzuki also still pays attention to the performance of the engine of its new types of cars so that the interior to the exterior is considered quite perfect for automotive enthusiasts. As for the current Suzuki incessant in promoting its new classy model that meets the standards of safe and comfortable transportation, the type of car that is being talked about is Suzuki Ignis that has just been released by the Suzuki car company .

Why Is Ignis the Best in Suzuki Bandung?

Ignis is indeed becoming a superior product at Suzuki Bandung. Because this Ignis car combines design, utility, performance, and safety. So that in addition to prioritizing an expressive look, Ignis also does not forget to keep optimizing the function of every modern feature in it so that its exterior and interior become a perfect blend in the automotive world. In addition to luxury, the Suzuki Ignis is also designed with a spacious cabin making it easier for you to travel with family and friends. Suzuki Ignis has also been equipped with the Antilock Breaking System security technology system on the braking system and makes your trip safer and more comfortable. For fuel you don’t need to worry, Suzuki Ignis has an injection system that will save fuel consumption.

In addition to an explanation of the interior and exterior above, Suzuki Ignis is also presented in 2 types. Ie the first is the GL type which is priced at Rp 142,500,000, also the GX type which is served in 2 types namely Manual GX which is priced at Rp 162,500,000, and the GX Matic type which is priced at Rp 172,500,000. For this price you do not need to worry because now Suzuki Bandung also serves a credit system payment which later you can be facilitated by determining the down payment and installments per month that you can afford.


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