Some Causes of Obesity and Prevention


Obesity is actually not just being overweight. However, in the medical world, obesity is included in the group of diseases. So you must be able to avoid it. When a person is obese, the body will actually change drastically to become bigger and weigh far above normal. Besides going to worsen the appearance, obesity will also not be good for health. For that you need to know what are the real causes of obesity and how well the right way to prevent it. That way, you will be able to avoid obesity.

The danger of Obesity and its Prevention
Obesity is said to be dangerous because it can cause various diseases. For example, can cause diabetes, then heart disease, high cholesterol and many other dangerous diseases. The cause of the emergence of obesity itself is because the food consumed contains a lot of fat. This certainly causes fat stacks to continue to grow and cause body weight to surge. Besides obesity can also be caused by consuming too often sweets. So that the body stores too much sugar and the sugar turns into a pile of fat. Then other causes, due to lack of motion. So that fat does not accumulate capital in the body, you must always move.

No need to exercise, most importantly after eating, you do not immediately sit sweet and silent without any activity. Because it accelerates the process of gaining weight. Now for the prevention of obesity itself, now you should be able to maintain food intake. Do not consume too many sugary foods, in one meal do not consume too many portions, multiply vegetables and do not forget to exercise. Then for hours of sleep must be regular. Do not get lack of sleep because actually it can be a cause of weight gain. Because when it’s past 12 pm and you are still awake, hunger will come. If you do not eat, the stomach will definitely sting. Even though the midnight meal cannot be processed in digestion, so that is what causes fat.


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