The nearest coffee shop in Semarang


Spending the weekend with friends is one way to avoid stress or boredom by sharing various kinds of daily activities. There are so many places you can choose as a place to spend time with your friends, one of which is a coffee shop. Yes, coffee shops are not only used as a place that serves coffee drinks and food, coffee shops are now also often used as a place to gather or “hang out” with friends or family. Coffee that has a distinctive taste and aroma so that many people like the processed coffee. You can find so many coffee shops around you. For those of you in the Semarang area, there are several coffee shops nearbyyou must visit .

The nearest coffee shop in Semarang that you must visit

Semarang has several coffee shops nearby that you can visit. The first coffee shop is the Peacock Coffee shop. This coffee shop has two branches. The first branch is located on Jalan S Parman Semarang and the other is located on Jalan Gadjah Mada, Semarang. This coffee shop is designed with a home-like design in America with long, sleek glass that adorns the walls. This shop is equipped with a television, air conditioner, and free hotspot that will make you want to always linger in this one location.

The second coffee shop is KY Coffee Shop. This one coffee shop will give a vintage feel mixed with modern concepts. KY Kopi is on Simongan Street, Semarang. This coffee shop serves live music which is held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can also enjoy watching together every Saturday and Sunday. For those of you who are going to visit this one coffee shop, then you can come at 11:00 WIB until 02.00 WIB. Some menus such as spice coffee, cappuccino, coyor noodles, chili teri cassava, etc. you can enjoy in this one shop. Similarly, some of the nearest coffee shops in Semarang that you can choose as a gathering place with your friends.


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